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Busitema University has embarked on a significant collaboration with the AKSA Group to address critical infrastructural challenges across its various campuses. This partnership emerged from discussions between the AKSA Group and Professor Nantulya, the Chancellor of Busitema University, who highlighted the pressing need for infrastructural improvements to enhance the University's capacity to deliver high-quality education. Professor Nantulya emphasized that the current state of infrastructure, including but not limited to laboratories, classrooms, accommodations, information systems is inadequate for supporting advanced university-level education. 

Recognizing these challenges, the University has formalized this collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed by Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Waako and Mr. Dino Sanjay on behalf of AKSA group. Professor Nantulya and other members of the university’s top management together with representatives from the AKSA Group were present to witness the momentous occasion. This agreement whose duration is five years builds upon an existing partnership and aims to further enhance Busitema University's infrastructure through a series of ambitious projects. Some of these projects include the construction of a teaching hospital in Mbale, a Maritime Institute and Railway Institute in Namasagali, a Science Agro-park in Soroti, and a Tourism Institute in Pallisa. Additionally, the partnership will address the need for student and staff accommodations across all campuses. 

The AKSA Group will be responsible for developing comprehensive master plans for each campus which will detail the specific infrastructure needs and establish the financial requirements for the full refurbishment and construction projects. 

This collaboration is aligned with Busitema University's mission, vision, and strategic goals, and is expected to significantly enhance the university’s ability to provide a conducive learning environment for its students and staff.

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