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The Busitema University Sports team is made up of thirty-seven (37) athletes, seventeen (17) staff members, and coaches from the Busitema House Games. The 19th Association of Uganda University Games (UUG) will kick off at Uganda Christian University (UCU) in Mukono on Saturday, December 16, 2023. Prof. Paul Wakoo, the Vice Chancellor, exhorted the team to demonstrate a high degree of discipline in addition to a winning spirit. He went on to exhort them to never settle for anything less and to never forget that, in line with the university's motto, they are striving for excellence.

Professor Paul Wakoo, the Vice Chancellor, reveals that he and his team came up with a plan with the Busia Municipality to build a 50/50 theta sports complex, which would allow the University to support National and International events as opposed to its Academic ones. Support for the initiative is requested from all interested parties as it will benefit the University as well as the entire nation.

On top of that, Dr. Baluka Agness Masajja, the sports tutor, states that the sports team is prepared for the upcoming nineteen (19) House games and is fielding six (6) teams, including football, karate, chess, and martial arts. She continues by saying that Busitema University is the Scrabble champion for all of East Africa and that it has won medals and trophies in every competition in which it has competed, guaranteeing victory.

According to Team Captain Nobert Andrew, winning is always possible and there is no such thing as losing. Regarding Football, he states that the team is currently ranked second in the league and remains optimistic about winning.

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